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Welcome to Unique Air

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© Copyrights Unique Air 2015

Unique Air - for your unique experience!

Unique Air is the UAE registered cargo airline,
specialized in air cargo charters and aircraft leasing.

With a fleet of A300-600 freighters Unique Air offers reliable and exquisite services to suit your requirement.
Unique Air is a cargo airline specialising in airfreight solutions across a dense network of Middle Eastern and CIS destinations. Founded in 2014, the UAE-headquartered firm operates out of Sharjah International Airport – a regional hub for transport and freight operations.
We cater to complex customer requirements through cutting edge logistics technology, expertise, and superior customer service. With internal processes designed for extreme agility and responsiveness, we offer clients end-to-end customised airfreight logistics solutions.
Our mission is to craft expert logistics solutions customised to client needs, backed by superb customer service, in order to be considered the de facto regional leader in airfreight.

The Unique Advantage

Clients turn to Unique Air time and time again due to our ability to generate unique competitive advantages. First, there’s our expertise. With a dedicated team of experts crafting logistics solutions, clients benefit from unparalleled technical capability combined with a “can do” attitude.

Then there’s our responsiveness and agility. Unique Air’s operational structure has been created to allow extremely rapid responses to client requests. Flexibility is crucial, which is why our teams are empowered to make decisions quickly and responsibly.

Our operational record speaks for itself. Clients benefit from a partner that meets and even exceeds the latest aviation regulatory requirements, and operates according to the highest quality, safety and security standards.

Unique Values

We believe in:
Excellent service delivery: We have a responsibility to our clients to deliver uniformly excellent services that meet intricate requirements and are customised to individual needs.
Innovation first: We are constantly innovating in terms of technology and processes. Our continuous commitment to upgrading our capabilities ensures that our clients benefit from efficiency, convenience and cost-effectiveness.
Trust and reliability: We are regularly entrusted with precious, perishable or dangerous cargo. Our processes have checks, balances and safeguards built into them to ensure extremely high levels of safety and reliability. Regardless of route or volume, clients can rely on Unique Air’s capabilities.

Unique Air – for your Unique experience!


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