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Air Cargo Charter

Based on our commitment to maintain on-time performance, quick hassle-free delivery and cost-effective solutions we have become a trusted and reliable air cargo charter operator.
Unique Air is a trusted local provider of air charter services to regional destinations. Our fleet of A300B4-605R(F) aircraft deliver efficiency, rapid turnaround and cost-effective operations. Their load flexibility and range make them the aircraft of choice for clients looking for customised charter solutions.

The A300B4-605R(F) aircraft is an ideal mid-range wide-body aircraft with a maximum load capacity of 46 tons gross cargo weight and 380 cubic meters by volume. Several possible loading configurations allow it to accommodate up to 21 pallets on the main deck. The main upper deck door measures 358 cm x 256 cm to allow easy access for vehicles and heavy machinery, while the wide body offers lexibility in cargo loading.


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