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By sending to us your booking request, you agreed with our Terms and Conditions of cargo acceptance as follows:

Screening charges of USD 0.05/kg or min. USD 10/shpt is applicable for all shpts out of DWC.

Screening charges of USD 0.05/kg or min. USD 10/shpt is applicable for shpts of computers, computer accessories, printers and printer accessories out of SHJ.

Shipment is accepted for carriage from Airport to Airport only and Airfreight rates exclude any duties or local charges.

Airfreight rates are subject to fuel price escalation.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Volume/Weight ratio 1 kg = 6000 Cubic Centimeters.

A surcharge/spot quote is applicable to Dangerous Goods, Perishable Shipments, odd-sized cargo, non-stackable cargo, fragile cargo, human remains, live animals and any other cargo, that is not classified under the category of general cargo.

Cargo has to be delivered to the export section of the airport of departure minimum 20 hours prior to scheduled departure time ready for carriage.

The Customer is responsible for the completion and issue of all necessary customs and commercial documents, which must be available prior to exportation of the cargo.

The Customer shall ensure that the cargo will not contain anything of dangerous, hazardous or offensive nature or of which the carriage exportation or importation is illegal in or prohibited by any country in which the aircraft will land or which it will overfly.

The Customer shall notify the Carrier in writing about such cargo and is responsible to provide complete, correct and accurate information about shipment contents, its dims and weight.

The Customer is responsible to arrange cargo handling and offloading in military base.

Rus Aviation is not responsible for any additional offloading equipment arrangements and/or charges.

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